Games: What Kind, and How Many

When you decide to work with the BarrMitzvah team, you get access to an online set of tools that can almost seem…  Overwhelming.

Let’s take some of the mystery out of at least ONE part of the planning process:  GAMES!

On the Planner that you’ll have access to, you will find a LOT of games that can be played.  Our recommendation would be to sit down with your child and pick out up to six…  Over the normal course of events, we may play as few as 3 games, or we may play all of them (along with a couple of others!)

Every Bar/Bat Mitzvah is very different from every other.  Over the past year or two, you and your youngster have most likely been to several.  He or she probably has favorite games already that they want to have played.  Maybe there’s a game that they want NO part of! 

That’s okay! 

Over the course of the Celebration, my team and I will gauge the guests and adjust accordingly.  If the formalities run long, or if everyone is dancing there may be fewer games played.   If nobody wants to be involved, we’ll bust out a new and different game to help break the ice!

So…  To make a short story long, pick out at least 4 games, and max out at about 6.

THAT will take us to our next topic!

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